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gohan うp要請

Thank you for your trust and support.

Gohanmem is in the 11 national holidays, spent 3 days to make good, the time is relatively rapid, it is inevitable ill-considered place, we can first use, can change the game first change, can not change the game first Or you can try to archive the changes.
Like tossing friends can use the memory viewers and memory extraction function to analyze, get accurate memory data area.

As the work is often busy this month, GoHANmem update work may be slow, please understand.

Now a list of the first table, with reference to the views of everyone:
1, change the algorithm to calculate the memory block, you may take a lot of memory to scan the block (roughly completed), and then select the block number method, this should be able to significantly reduce the probability of search crashes.
Of course, the manual assignment of region functions is still preserved.
2, the interface redo, reduced to about 60% of the interface now (for all the contents can be displayed under), and initially placed in the upper left corner of the screen. In this way, a small part of the game pop-up modifier, even if it is enlarged, but also normal operation.
3, in addition to SELECT + START, and then add several groups of exhaled key combination, while the role of convenience 1k and 2k users. (PS key can not be used)
4, conditions permitting, consider adding ftp function to facilitate real-time data transfer with the PC.

As for non-pop-up or black screen like the problem, will also look at the availability of improvement, but also do not rule out the reasons for dump, but also depends on the progress of the crack.
If you can call out overclocking plug-in, but call out GoHANmem, plug-ins may modify the problem.
If you can not call, there may be other reasons.

CFW has not yet come in the occasion, can be used to the extent that the first such, such as homemade system, and may do it is not the same.

We look at any suggestions or added.
Cakes do not big, or else do not finish. Temporary plan so much.

Finally, once again thank you for your trust and support, thank you! . .




3、加えて、SELECT +外起動し、利便1K、2Kのユーザーの役割ながら、グループを出射いくつかのキーの組み合わせを追加します。 (PSキーを使用することができません)




最後に、あなたに感謝、再び信頼と支持をありがとうございました! !

Want to add the search progress bar, this search at least know that it is still in search ... simply to text display "search", then a long time will think that the crash of the other can interrupt the search will be better ~

Now the main problem is that many games can not find the value of the search will change the scope of the error
Exhaled problem should be related to crack the environment, henkaku imperfect, there may be dump problem
Mainly to the first search to the value, can be changed on the line friends
If the memory can be added directly to the CMF like that?

Want to support the memory of the tour at the same time can modify the value of the function

It is best to automatically remember the memory of each game area, may be able to generate a folder, the memory area file generated by the game code. User-friendly research and sharing

Want to have a fuzzy search and floating-point also hexadecimal search, a lot of game data is not decimal display, but the decimal point. Then the operation is not used to search the data bar can be made by pressing the OK button, the current box turns green, and then cross-key adjustment, press OK or Cancel button again, the current box to restore, then the cross key can select the search bar project. As far as possible to use lr flip memory page, the mouth x inconvenient, there is more than the scope of the pages on the incorrect report, wrote a few conditions.





私はあいまい検索を願っていますし、浮動小数点と16進を検索し、小数点データは、ゲームショーの多くが、小数点はありません。 OKボタンを押す行うことができ、データフィールドを検索するために使用されない運用面がありますが、現在のフレームが緑色に変わり、その後、矢印を調整し、[OK]を押したり、現在のボックスを復元するために[キャンセル]ボタンをします、あなたは、十字キー検索バーを選択することができますプロジェクト。メモリビューアはLRフリップを使用してみてください、ポートxは便利ではありませんが、エラーにフリップ以上の範囲は、いくつかの条件を書き、そこにあります。


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