CoderPR V 0.9.5 Sneak Peek!

Just a small sneak preview of what's to come, why I said the new version is taking so long, alot has been changed, alot of features have been simplified, the programming for it has been cleaned up.

In fact, even thought there are more features for this one, the new version is a whole 19kb smaller than 0.8.6, I've gone through everything I could, making everything optimized.

There's still a hella lot of work on my part to be done. Don't ask to beta test. Don't ask when it's being released. I'm currently aiming for 2-3 weeks from now, but can change @ any moment based on progress & my current work schedule.

Enjoy your teaser






0.8.5 update
- Some text has been changed to be more user-friendly/include credits
- Option to "Import cheats from NitePR" has been added
- USB Mode has been added, Please not that some games are not usb-compatible and may crash, but most will work fine.
- "Refresh Cheats" Has been added, this empites all temporary changes to you current cheat list, and loads the ones specified in your game's .txt file
- Real Addressing has been turned off by requests, however is switchable via menu
- Due to increasing complaints, key combo to open coderpr has been changed back to Vol + & Vol -
- Search now displays first 200 results
- Can now use larger cheat database than before
- Key delay for Range menu has been fixed
- Length of allowed Cheat names has been increased, from 32, to 50!
- Allows Cheat Renaming In-Menu, Press select while hovered on a cheat to bring up menu.(Still in beta phase)
- You can now scroll quickly through search results as well, press SQUARE + Right/Left to scroll fast
- You can now use nitepred.exe to change the default key combos. Simply rename the coderpr.prx to nitepr.prx, run the application, edit the key combo's then rename back to coderPR.prx and use as you normally would.




CoderPR 0.60

0.4.1 update
- Paste function has been added to Range menu

0.6.0 update
- Corrupt PSID has been added, thanks goes out to Dmonchild and Noeffex
- Copy/Paste Value feature has been added, works in cheater menu, and decoder. DOES NOT WORK IN BROWSER!
- Default Key to open menu is now Volume +, due to some users complaining due to messed up Vol Down Button
- Default ScreenShot Key has been changed to SCREEN, however is still disabled by default.
-Bug In Unknown Searcher Has Been Fixed
-Rare error that occured in Range Menu has been solved
-Slight text edit for into screen
-Menu now displays game ID in upper right corner
-Text for unkown searches has been corrected
-Real addressing can be toggled on/off for range menu
-Real addressing toggles have been merged into one-line.
-New option to set range to "Quick Hook" range (0x00040000 - 0x00041000)
-New option to "Range around Copied Address" (Takes address on clipboard, and sets range around that address, good for float searches)
-Paste address as range has had a bugfix
-Small error that occured when changing keys has been fixed.
-Thanks for Noeffex has been added to the credit menu ;)





What's Different?

* Much More Organized Layout On Memory Stick
* Now supports setting a range of addresses to search
* CheatHZ setting is set to 15/1000 by default
* Real Addressing is enabled for Browser and Decoder by default
* New cheats, instead of being labeled 'CHEAT 0' are now named "Cheat In Progress - 0"
* Some Text changes
* Menu's Rearranged
* Minor Color changes
* Browser and Decoder now can see addresses under 0x08804000, which is useful for when writing subs in low addressing.
* Logger has been removed, will be replaced with new options in newer versions
* Screenshot function has been stripped out, no more having to re-assign it to a button combo.
* Speed Scroller for cheats.
* Option to change the menu key to a different combo.
* Option added to "Kill coderPR", awesome for those times you just don't feel like cheating.
* Sponsored by HaxCommunity

0.2 update
- fixed minor bug in scolling browser/decoder, caused plugin to lock up completely.

0.2.1 update
- further fixed copy paste problem.

0.2.2 update
- copy/paste errors have been fully solved;
- some typos/ spelling errors fixed;
- button to stop searches is now square.
- Added "Speed Scroller" for cheat menu
- Fixed another tiny browser error.
- Credits screen added.

0.3.0 update
-Bug that occured when switching form text search, to a regular search, has been fixed.
-Speed scrolling minor adjustments
-Top line now includes version #
-Option to change menu key assignment in game now added, support for 4 different key combo's
-Option to completely unhook the menu altogether has been added. (Kill CoderPR)

0.3.5 update
-Screenshots can now be enabled/disabled in menu
-Screenshot keys can be reassigned between 8 different keys
-Kill coderPR has slight bugfix

0.4.0 update
- Added beta version of search range options


* サーチ範囲指定可能
* コード実行間隔を15/1000hzにした(niteprは0/1000hz)
* 相対アドレスでなく実アドレスをデフォルトにした
* 'CHEAT 0' を"Cheat In Progress - 0"
* メニューの整理
* 文字色の変更
* 0x08804000以前もメモリエディターでみられるようになった,
* ロガーの削除
* 高速スクロール.
* メニューボタンの変更
* "Kill coderPR"でフックの削除
* HaxCommunityの協力